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What are the specifications of the output of the mobile power supply?


According to the output of the power supply, mobile power can be divided into ordinary type and fast charging type. The common output specifications of the ordinary type are 5V 1A and 5V 2A. The former is generally used to charge mobile phones, and the latter is used in tablets. Of course, 2A can also be used to charge some mobile phones, which can increase the charging speed. There is a charging protection circuit inside, so there is no need to worry about the problem of battery overcharging. The battery will automatically cut off the charging when the battery is full. Moreover, some mobile phones are originally 5V 2A charging specifications.

For the fast charging type, there are two types: fast charging for mobile phones and fast charging for yourself, of course, some support both. The former is for mobile phones that use Qualcomm’s mid-to-high-end processors. Such models generally support Qualcomm’s QC2.0 or specifications, which can greatly increase the charging speed. Hours". It’s better to charge yourself quickly. We know that, for example, some mobile power banks with a capacity of up to 20000mAh will charge in seven or eight hours or more. Therefore, if you support fast charge, it is also very good to reduce the charging time, of course. Use a fast charging charger.

There is also a mobile power supply, let’s call it a power type. It has an output voltage of 12V and an instantaneous discharge current of up to several A (1A=1000mA). It can be used to start the car in an emergency when the car battery is dead. It can even be used several times.

There is also a mobile power supply equipped with solar panels, so that it can also charge the power bank during the day when the light is good. However, considering the area, conversion efficiency and output power of the solar cell, the capacity relative to the mobile power supply is almost negligible.

The internal structure of the mobile power supply?


The structure of the mobile power supply is very simple. The most important part of the shell is actually two parts, one is the battery core, and the other is the charge/discharge protection circuit. The batteries can be divided into 18650 batteries and lithium-ion polymer. The former looks like a common AA battery, so it has a fixed shape but a large capacity. Therefore, laptop batteries and super-capacity mobile power supplies They all use 18650 batteries. Commonly used are 2-core, 4-core, 6-core and other parallel combinations. Of course, the more cores, the larger the total capacity.

The lithium-ion polymer is the same as the mobile phone battery. The advantage is that it can be made into a small volume, but the capacity is relatively small. Some common abnormal shapes, such as lipstick type, business card type, round and other mobile power sources, are all used This battery.

The charging and discharging protection circuit is very similar to a mobile phone. First of all, it can protect it from overcharging when charging, and it will automatically cut off when it is full, so you don’t have to worry about charging and exploding. The discharge circuit retains the minimum power of the battery cell and stops output when discharging, preventing the battery from being discharged cleanly and being over-discharged. Of course, in order to ensure the safety of mobile phone charging, high-quality mobile power will strictly ensure the stable output of the voltage.

Is it true that the heavier the power bank, the higher the capacity?


This is relatively true, but it is not absolute. For example, in order to reduce the cost of some cottage mobile power supplies, iron and sand (you read it right) are placed in the shell to increase the counterweight, so the capacity is seriously false. , And the safety is not guaranteed, so everyone should not buy mobile power on the street, train station and other occasions.

Why do some power banks explode?


It's a very serious question. Mobile power explosions usually occur on 18650 batteries, but this does not prove that mobile power using 18650 batteries is unsafe. On the one hand, some counterfeit mobile power sources are assembled from inferior or even recycled old batteries. Such batteries not only have a false capacity, but also have no guarantee of safety. On the other hand, the protection circuit and components are unreasonable or even not up to standard, which will cause the battery cell to overcharge. This will cause the protection circuit to burn out during charging, and the battery will heat up or even...bang!

In addition, if the user misuses it, it will increase the possibility of explosion. For example, the output short circuit and the protection circuit has no protection function, or the internal components of the protection circuit have a short circuit, which will cause the battery current to discharge, rapid heat generation or even fire or explosion. Relatively speaking, the safety of lithium-ion polymer is higher, because it can avoid explosion by self-expanding, but it is very likely to crack the shell of the mobile power supply.

Finally, for safety, be sure to use a high-quality charger and power cord.

Are there relevant safety standards for mobile power supplies?


The country has issued the first national mandatory standard for mobile power, "Safety Requirements for Lithium Ion Batteries and Battery Packs for Portable Electronic Products" (GB 31241-2014), which was implemented on August 1st last year. In addition to the regular general safety requirements (safe working parameters, marking requirements, warning instructions, durability), more than 30 tests are also provided for battery pack environment, battery pack safety, battery pack protection circuit safety test requirements, and system protection circuit safety requirements , Basically covering no blind spots, and there are already relevant testing laboratories for mobile power supplies.

In addition, when we look at some high-quality mobile power supplies, we often see some certifications such as CE, FCC, etc. later, so we recommend that you buy such products.

In addition, there are also strict requirements for mobile power on the plane, for example, the capacity should not be higher than 20000mAh (which can be equal to), and some mobile power sources with no specific capacity will be deducted during the security check. In addition, for example, SF Express, which can be shipped by air, refuses mobile power, and even mobile phones with batteries cannot work. They can only be shipped by land.

Is it normal for the power bank to heat up?


It is normal that the mobile power supply will generate heat whether it is charging or discharging. However, if you encounter a situation where the discharge current is large, such as charging while playing with a mobile phone, the heat will be slightly higher. If the power bank is inexplicably hot or even hot, you must stop using it immediately and throw it away until it cools down or the battery is exhausted before processing (see sales or after-sales replacement, self-repair is not recommended).